My "Why"

Meet John

Our culture encourages instant gratification: quick meals, on demand entertainment, and a pill for anything. This has led to some poor behavior patterns. I became a Health Coach and created this website to educate you, your family and friends about how short health breaks through out the day can lead to major lifestyle benefits. To make this easier, I am changing the way we design living areas. No more snacking on the couch after work! It's time to swing from your hanging furniture and eat fresh food from your garden. Thank you for learning how Real Recess is changing lives.


       My Past

Born in Hollidaysburg, PA to a father and mother who both owned small businesses, I was destined to become an entrepreneur. Though out my youth I was involved in many sports which led me to earn a Kinesiology degree (the study of motions of the body) with a minor in Coaching from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. The thirst for new adventures brought me to live in Arizona, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and back to PA again. During this time, I held 33 different jobs including Disc Jockey MC, Mountain Bike Tour Guide, Concert Stage Hand, Cheerleading Coach/Instructor, Personal Trainer, Luxury Resort Staff, and many more odd jobs. These "Real World" experiences along with the people I have met taught me so much about life that I am grateful beyond words.




        My Recess

Friends, family, and even acquaintances regularly asked during my travels, "Would you write me a workout program?" Knowing it was probably going to end up unused, I reluctantly spent hours on each program. This ongoing scenario made me think of the old saying, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." I had to create an easy way to teach people health and wellness concepts. But something else was missing! How do I get clients to take action and actually use the program?  This website solves this ever-occurring scenario.  

In 2009 Real Recess opened as a personal training studio in a 300 square foot area behind a sports performance center and targeted parents. The next year, Recess moved into a larger 3,000 square foot area inside a cheerleading gym still targeting parents. By 2011, I signed a year lease in a brand new 7,500 square foot warehouse for 9-5ers to take a Real Recess break from work. Attendance did not meet expectations. I blame it on location. This was when the current online Real Recess business plan formed. Users get access to the entire website for free. In return, these users tell their friends and co-workers about their new lifestyle. Businesses will need certified Health Coaches to assist their employees with goals assessments, and motivation. Small breaks lead to better health and better health leads to more confidence. A confident employee is a productive one. 


In my free time, I still enjoy exploring new places by foot, bike, canoe, or skis. I love Pennsylvania and always plan on having a home here.  My mission has always been to encourage people to Take a Break and Be Active.

Past Events that I Have Created:

  • Corporate Team Building Challenge at The Summit Athletic Club
  • Halloween Adventure Weekend at Raystown Lake
  • Outdoor Nature Workout at Canoe Creek State Park (body weight exercises) 
  • The Most Agile Quarter Mile On Earth MaqMoe at Alto Reste Park (race)
  • A Triathlon Obstacle Course called triOBSTAclon at Tussey Mountain (race)
  • A Triathlon with CrossFit Sports Evolution WOD during transition at Blue Knob Resort
  • Local Activity Registration for Youth L.A.R.Y. at Galactic Ice in Altoona
  • Strong Kid Competition and Healthy Kid Competition at Lakemont Park
  • The Good Life Expo at the Blair County Convention Center
  • Obstacle Course Challenge Night for kids AND adults at Newtown Athletic Club



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