Corporate Wellness


For the Workplace

Real Recess activities build confidence, one of the most important factors in business. Successful people always make time for Recess. Imagine a Personal Health Coach designing fun and simple activities that help employees excel at work and in life.


Full Service Corporate Wellness

Per 50 employees per 6 months.

*Example: 100 employees for 1 year costs $120,000

A Real Recess Health Coach will stay at your facility full time per 50 employees (100 employees means 2 Health Coaches). Each month the Health Coaches will interview and assess each employee (about 10 minutes per employee). During each day the Health Coach will run short Movement, Nourishment, and Recovery Recess breaks to keep employees on track and engaged. The Health Coach will also instruct classes once a week to teach employees how to keep their families healthy. Certain special events will/can occur on weekends.

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Recess Spatial Design

Any designer can make your space look nice. Real Recess makes your home or office fun and productive as well. Tell us your goals and budget and we will put a smile on you, your clients, and your employee's faces each time they enter. This service is per room and includes a drawing of plans. Client is responsible for purchasing material and products included in the plan designed by Real Recess. *Ask about pricing for your entire home or business. 

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One on One at The Summit

Schedule a half-hour session with a Certified Health Coach. Learn and understand the 3 principles of simplified healthy lifestyles. Focus on a single aspect or review all three.

  • Movement - Safely "reboot" your body with fun skills.
  • Nourishment - Understand healthy food principles.
  • Recover - Simple techniques to control mind and body.
  • All Three Together
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Recess Poster
4.99 14.99

Hang this poster where you will be reminded each day of your Real Recess Movement, Nourishment, and Recovery breaks. 

This is just a PDF download. If you want it printed, send it to your local printer (additional cost will apply) for an 18" x 24" copy. 

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